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HostGator Hosting Coupon: 1 Month for 1 Cent

Big news readers, we have a new HostGator hosting coupon for you that’ll get you your first month for 1 cent.

Hosting can be expensive but HostGator does a great job at combining realiabe hosting with great value. But to sweeten the pot even more, they’ve sent us a brand new hosting coupon that’ll bring your costs down to $0.01 .

That’s as good as free. They do web hosting, domain registrations, WordPress, cloud and dedicated servers so it’s definitely a fantastic service if you’re looking to get online.

We’ve been with them since 2012 and couldn’t ba happier.

How do you apply the coupon?

Simply click through this link and it’ll automatically take the item you’re looking at all the way down to $0.01. Remember, all HostGator hosting plans come with 24 hour support and a 45-day-money-back guarantee.

Thanks to Hosting Expert for the headsup.

FreedomPop Free Plan: Cell Phone Service for FREE

Want to get traditional cell phone service for FREE? Who doesn’t, right?

You would think I’m putting you on but it’s true. You can now get FREE cell phone service in the USA.

If you’re not familiar with the latest, hottest thing to hit the cell phone industry, it’s the FreedomPop Free Plan.

For $0 a month, you can now get:

– 200 anytime minutes

– 500 texts

– 500 MBs per month

If you’re thinking coverage will be terrible, it won’t. FreedomPop piggybacks on the networks of Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile so you can receive the same coverage you’re used to or very close to it. And with their new SIM that supports 4G LTE, you won’t miss a beat speed-wise either.

So if you’re a moderate/light user or good at managing your data, you could very well save up to $1,000 a year by jumping on this free plan. Check it out now.

Ashley Madison Hacked Data

Extramarital dating website Ashley Madison is been filing copyright takedown requests to try to keep its leaked database and its customers’ personal details private.

But this is no easy task. Information on the internet, is almost impossible to censor. Many resources live by the uncensored motto.

Instead the website should look at strengthen all aspects of its security. However, from where we are sitting this does not appear to be due to a vulnerability and may instead be an inside job.

The large dump of data indicates this was not a drive-by capture all data grab. Instead, the data was methodically gathered to obtain all customer records, their profiles, billing details and more.

The data dump itself is now being disseminated using Bittorrent and other peer-to-peer transfer protocols.

The hack underscores the importance of securing your 1Gbps uplink dedicated hosting boxes and always keeping up to date with the latest patches.